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We have proposed a relatively dense urban development for the central district within the plan, a structure built up of large-scale civic gestures coupled with small and spontaneous spatial surprises. Central Node is ecology park shape focal points of the plan. These connect and link residential space and public open spaces into a meandering network, providing a safe and clear way for public and vehicular movement. The radial street pattern and iron grid plot pattern with the semi open courts provide a connection between the privately owned and public space coming together in central area, a clever integration into the park. With the help of natural and urban landscape it enhances the segregation between different residential typologies. High density with the surrounding low scale buildings with the green park qualities is balanced in entire master plan. The buildings will create a street character along the streets and an inner environment with linked courts along the structure The proposal takes into account important public pedestrian and cycle movement in the area buildings combined to create a new urban realm. The surrounding streets are treated with traffi c calming elements and with an increased planting with environmental impact.




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